Harnessing waves for coastal protection and energy


Since 2013 ecoreflect has been involved with a small (relative to other wave devices) wave harnessing team whose vision is to:

  • utilise the energy within waves to enhance our environment. Engineering a beautifully simple system that works with nature, not against it, to protect coasts from erosion, support coral reefs and deliver sustainable power.

The company who owns the invention is Zyba Ltd and the product is called CCell. The Twitter @CCell_renewable



Anne-Marie acts as chair / facilitator and is actively involved in business strategy. Anne-Marie leverages her experience, acting as a facilitator and organizer, driving delivery, while maintaining a focus on key company strategy.


CCell successfully completed its initial 12-month project for Innovate UK and are continuing its development work with part funding from Innovate UK for a further 3 years. The project was voted ‘Best innovation’ at the Innovate UK peer to peer award in 2014 and gained Wave Energy Scotland funding in 2016. www.ccell.co.uk and was selected to participate in the Clean and Cool Mission to San Francisco in June 2017only 20 companies were selected


CCell website provided detailed information about the technology, application of the device as well as news


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