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Anne-Marie has been chair of ISO TC 207 SC1 Environmental Management Systems since 2008. Her role involves planning, long term horizon awareness, chairing, influencing, guiding and representing SC1 as well as developing thought leadership communications for the subcommittee. SC1 was awarded ISO prestigious L D Eicher Leadership Award in September 2016 which reflects Anne-Marie’s leadership.


As part of her work in developing the ISO TC207 SC1 website Anne-Marie developed infographics and documents to illustrated how:


ISO Greenhouse Gas Standards

Anne-Marie has been UK expert to International Standardisation Organisation work on ISO Greenhouse gas monitoring, reporting and verification standards since 2002. She has been actively involved in the developments of the revision of ISO 14064 part 2 and part 3 as well as ISO 14065. She was UK expert to the development of the original versions of the standards as well as ISO 14066

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