ecoreflect is involved in a number of areas that spans the topic of sustainability including specifically CSR, environment and climate change. Developing new skills in renewable energy / wave power and sharing skills and learning via lectures, conferences and papers.


The areas can be summarized as follows:


Marine wave energy 

Involved in the development of a small wave energy device 2-4 meter where each device generates about 20 – 40 kW for use with micro and nano grid developments. The company who owns the invention is Zyba Renewables and the products is CCell. Twitter @CCell_renewable.


Environment & Efficiency

Focusing on:

  • Understanding and following regulatory developments at International Maritime Organisation
  • helping to develop guidelines - BIMCO & Fathom Guide to Maritime Environmental & Efficiency Management
  • Technical issues related to monitoring, reporting and verification matters in the shipping industry.


Corporate Social Responsibility and Maritime Governance with World Maritime University

Guest lecture in this challenging area


Climate challenges

International Standardisation expert on greenhouse gas standards related to monitoring, reporting and verifications


International Standardisation Organization – excitement - chair of Subcommittee with responsibilty for ISO 14001

Chair, supporting and promoting the Subcommittee



What I have learnt

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