ISO Excitement


Since 2008 chair of ISO (International Standardisation Organization) Subcommittee with responsibility for ISO 14001 - the key international standard for environmental management.


The Subcommittee compromise national standard body representatives from 65 countries plus internal and external liaison organisations. Being chair involves chairing, influencing, guiding and representing the Subcommittee as well as developing thought leadership communications for the Subcommittee.


  • Developing the Subcommittee's public website
  • Developing the first ever agreed Subcommittee vision and mission
  • Proposing and gaining agreement to amending the Subcommittee's scope, vision and mission to incorporate the concept of ‘sustainability’


  • Planning and achieving the unanimous agreement to the scope of the revision to ISO 14001 and ISO 14004, on schedule and with full consensus
  • Leading for TC 207 the proposal for ISO’s climate change strategy submitted to ISO Technicall Management Board in 2011
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