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Since 2013 ecoreflect has been involved in the development of a small wave energy device. The company who owns the invention is Zyba Renewables and the products is CCell. The Twitter @CCell_renewable





We won the Innovate Peer to Peer award at the Innovate UK exhibition November 2014

CCell is complementary to other forms of renewable energy since wind, solar PV, and wave have complimentary generation profiles and together they can defer the cost of expensive batteries. The aim is not to replace other renewables, but to become a mature part of the energy technology portfolio and capture market share as the broader demand for renewables increases.


The aim is for a small device 2-4 meter – size will also depend on wave energy available – for use with micro and nano grid developments. Each device generating about 20 – 40 kW and to support micro / nano grind we would use devices in array making it cheap and easy to replace/ remove for maintenance when necessary.


Together Zyba Renewables, MPM North West and Bath University have secured UK funding of £1.8M for part of the next 3 years development. The plan is to put a number of devices into the water around UK. The current focus is on raising the remaining funding and looking beyond the next three years into challenges such as use of novel material, methods and funding.


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